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Fashion has most definitely come a long way since its beginning. And a core part of fashion is jewelry. For
example, did you know that people first wore jewelry before clothes, haha, the thought of it is funny, but
yes. Also, it was first invented to make its wearer more visible. So of course, it was meant for royalty, or
rather the ruling class. It mainly consisted of flowers, feathers, bones, shells, colored pebbles and such, then
as time went by it evolved into the wearing of precious metals, like gold, silver and such. Jewelry was also
worn for protective purposes, with the belief that it would protect one from evil spirits and such.
To date, this belief is somewhat existent in some cultures, who you will find wearing amulets and all. And
look at where we are now, far much more urban in our sense of style, thanks to the discovery of leather and
such, so we have leather necklaces, watches, etc. But we still incorporate bits of the past into it, because
precious metals have still not gone obsolete, and I have seen quite the number of people wearing flower
crowns, for example during baby showers and goddess parties.
There are, of course, a couple of primary functions of fashion and jewelry in our lives. Apart from the basic
human need to look good, like how you will add that bracelet to compliment your dress, there is;

  1. Fashion and jewelry is used to describe people.
    A lot of people wear jewelry to express their characters and ways of life, for example, free spirited people
    like jewelry with beads, and feathers, for example dream catchers. Rappers wear a lot of gold and inscribed
    silver jewelry, a show of their flashy lifestyle. It is the same way jazz artists tend to wear more silk and
    velvet, a symbolism of the tone of their music.
    This mostly applies to artists, and we find an example of a concept known as afro-futurism, wear
    photographers and models use past, modern and presumed future styles of fashion and types of jewelry, to
    create an art form.
  2. We use it to show pride in our heritage.
    We come from different traditions and cultural backgrounds, and each of them has a certain type, or style, of
    jewelry. In Hawaii, for example, is the flower style f jewelry, both on their necks and feet, to show their
    island style of life. Africans tend to wear more beadwork, and leather too. Jewelry tells a story of where you
    are from, and those before you. You can say that it actually is a preserve of history to be passed down from
    one generation to the next.
  3. Jewelry can tell you someone’s status in life.
    In today’s world, jewelry tells you a lot about someone’s state in life. Not just financial, although this is also
    a point, the more expensive, the better off; where in some cultures, you will find that wealth is symbolized
    partly by the amount of jewelry you have, like royal families and dynasties, where jewelry is even heavily
    guarded behind safes- but also details on their personal life. It is common in most cultures nowadays to wear
    a ring if you are engaged, and another one if you are married. Call it a sort of mating mark, where you can
    tell someone who is off the market simply by looking at their left hand.
  4. We use it to gift others.
    Jewelry, and other forms of fashion for example clothing and shoes, have become a common gift among
    people the world over. It is considered among the most perfect gifts you could give someone, since they can
    wear it and remember you fondly. From birthdays, to anniversaries, graduations, promotions and for
    holidays like Christmas, you could gift someone a necklace, bracelet, ring… and thanks to modern times,
    you can have something engraved in it, for example their name, date of birth, or a special message.
  5. As a religious symbol.
    Jewelry is used as a religious symbol, and different religions have different types of jewelry or
    ornamentation to show their faith. For example, the Catholics wear rosaries, which they use to pray. There
    are also prayer beads for Muslims, Kabbalah jewelry for the Jewish- which, to emphasize on the earlier point
    of wearing jewelry as a protection of sorts, has some ornaments specifically intended to keep one safe, and
    many other religions across the world.
  6. Jewelry used as a functional item.
    This use comes out in the use of items such as purses, bags and brooches. They are considered to be part of
    your outfit as jewelry, and serve the purpose of keeping your stuff in. Sometimes, jewelry is also used to just
    hold different parts of a garment together, or hold hair in place, for example hair clips.
    Again, back to how technology has aided the evolution and revolution of fashion, and jewelry too. Thanks to
    it, you can actually browse through millions of types of jewelry, select whichever ones you want, and have
    them delivered to your doorstep. Yes, it is that easy, and takes less than five minutes to complete the whole
    process. There are millions of sites that offer you this alternative, one among them being
    There is, also, the option of physically window shopping for jewelry, which gives you the fun opportunity to
    try out your preferred piece first before buying it.
    Now, you may not be the type who likes having to wear jewelry, it probably makes you feel tied up, or you
    generally just have an allergic reaction to a lot of the material used to make it.
    Fashion found a way to merge clothing with jewelry, by attaching it to the fabric of clothing, which is why it
    is common to see studs, chains, and straps on clothing.
    Remember, after reading this, that at the end of the day, fashion is what you interpret it to be. It cannot be
    policed, or controlled. In this land of the free, you can really wear whatever you want. All it really has to be,
    is you. So whether one simple necklace, or ten rings, it is all up to y

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